Almost there

I start hiking* on Sunday, March 31, 2019. I chose this date, of the available dates in the intense permitting system, because… I was born on a Sunday? and I like all the 3s and 1s (and it’s when my apartment lease ends). In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a date slightly farther out from my last work day. Stay tuned! You don’t want to hear about this boring, stressful prep anyway. Just know that time is accelerating for me in this next week. I hope once I’m on trail it will stretch instead.

*Did you know that John Muir didn’t like the word hiking? He wanted people to saunter. I don’t think I’ll be sauntering exactly. Thru-hiking does not seem to leave a lot of time for the saunter. I do appreciate the sentiment though—to savor rather than rush for the sake of rushing. I’ll do my best, JM, I’ll do my best.