Hiker legs & milkshake motivation


  1. I have a trail name. Kanga, like kangaroo. So named for my habit of putting my dinner (think ziplock of ramen and instant mashers in an insulated envelope) into the front of my puffy. Dual purpose! Food stays warmer and so do I. Trail names are often attached to embarrassing stories, so I’m taking this one before something worse comes along. It fits somehow, I like it.

  2. My hiker legs have arrived! I spent a few days with a trio of funny, long-legged Germans. Their fearless leader Baggins (so named for his love of Ziplocks) suggested we pull a big day to reach the famed McDonald’s at Cajon pass. Turns out a chocolate milkshake is just the motivator to hike a 27.5 mile day. We counted calories. I had a 2,550 calorie dinner, the winner topped 3,500! McDonald’s is just such great value, eh? Miraculously, the next day I could still walk and pulled off another 20 miles. I think this means my hiker legs are here.

  3. We are done with snow until the Sierra. Mt. Baden-Powell and the Angeles National Forest was the last of it. Summit breakfast on Mt. B-P with spectacular views (a headlamp start at 4:30am!).

  4. Trail magic! After a rough descent which involved much route finding, scree skiing, and hours of wet feet from slushy snow, we found ourselves back at Highway 2. There, a single van was parked at the trailhead lot. Surprise! Trail magic from thru-hiker Dirty Avocado. Beer and a hotdog never tasted so good.

This is life on trail! Miles and food, and miles and miles where you think about food. On into Agua Dulce for a much needed shower. I’ll be ten days dirty at that point!